Cascade, The Self-Lubricating Sex Toy

Hello you honey dipped lovers! It’s been a while since we last chatted, but I am sorry – I’ve been on holiday!

For a whole month I was treated by my luvverly partner Hugh to a month in Cuba, sprawled across the white sanded beaches being touched… by the sun at every moment! However I’m finding my return to the UK difficult indeed; the weather is most bipolar over here – it doesn’t quite know what season it is does it? One thing is for certain; I am so sticky in bed at night – and not in the good way… and that’s before i’ve even introduced the Cascade to you. Needless to say, it’s SO humid! 😉

So darlings today I am here to talk you all about the range of products from Cascade. So I returned back home from my holiday to a big fantastic box! Of course, I’m talking about a delivery that the babes over at Strawberry Blushes sent over to me. It had been a while since I had played with any toys (me and Hugh said we were going to pack light to Cuba since we were going to spend most of the time naked anyways) so I was gushing with excitement, rearing to tear the parcel open.

On opening the box I saw the words ‘self-lubricating’ flash through a myriad of plastic packaging. My sexual salivating glands started to engage already… could this really be possible? In the delivery were four different packages: the Wave, Flow, Ripple and lubricant pack. Now if these names don’t scream a serene wave of erotica pleasure, I don’t know what does! I automatically gathered that the cartridges contained in the lubricant pack are to be inserted into each of the toys; ensuring that the toys have a non-stop supply of lubrication whilst you are using them. A simple and effective concept which claims to be the first ever of its kind… but does it work?

There was only one way to find out… 😉

On our holiday, even though Hugh & I packed light we found enough room for our HD video camera… However, we didn’t do much tourism filming! One night on our private Cuban beach we created a small fire and broke a couple of bottles of rum open. Gah, Hugh looked so handsome smoking that fat Cuban cigar in his mouth swigging from the distilled Rum bottle. So, whilst he was taking a dip in the ocean I set up the camera on a nearby rock without him knowing… took off my bikini and shouted for him with my legs spread wide. In a matter of seconds, Hugh had darted out of the water…his mouth was upon mine; tongues entwined.

Least to say I videoed the whole affair… the fact that Hugh had no idea it was being filmed made watching it back even more pleasurable whilst I was treating myself to each of the different shapes of Wave, Ripple and Flow. As I worked my way through the toys whilst watching the sandy romp, I realised there was all different settings on the toys to be played with! As my session came to a natural climax, I pressed down on a button triggering more lube was released onto the toy; imagining Hugh was pounding his warm stiff cock into me with supreme vigour.

Once again, I was sticky, sweaty and out of breath from rolling around so much… and all in a good way! I would recommend The Cascade to any of your girls who masturbate regularly; this toy will always ensure you are in the mood.

Au Revoir, my beauties x

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