Fleshlight Vagina Stamina Training Unit Review

This week I was sent the Fleshlight Vagina Stamina Training Unit by the team over at Strawberry Blushes. Ok, now let’s be frank; I don’t need to improve my sexual stamina in any way. I have been known by many names, including ‘The Duracell Bunny’, ‘Sergeant Powerhouse’ and ‘The Musky Machine’. I have gained all these names through my high octane performances, granting me the sterling reputation that I obtain today. You ask, ‘Hugh, how did you become such a stamina success?’ Well my friends, through years of having lots of sex with a number of different women; satisfying their every need before my own. There is no room in the bedroom for selfishness, simply ‘give well and thou shalt receive well’.

Stamina at one point or another is an issue for every man; we’ve all blown too quickly on a blowie! This is where the Fleshlight Vagina Stamina Training Unit really shines. This brand of Fleshlight gets all of the practicing out of the way so when it comes to the real thing, you don’t get too excited in the first two minutes and blow your load in embarrassment. No woman likes a man who has a sulk because he didn’t perform.

On opening the packaging, before my eyes laid a golden Fleshlight. I could instantly feel that the vagina was made out of the Fleshlight’s own ‘Real Feel Super Skin’; which is just quite frankly feels wonderful when you insert your penis into it. The mould itself can accommodate penises of any size and has small bumps which run down the length of the inside.

After giving it a ruddy good examine and a leaf through the instructions, I proceeded to soak the sleeve in warm water and squeeze a plentiful amount of lubrication on it.

There was only one thing left to do; stick my gentleman inside the Fleshlight training device.

Flicking on a DVD of ‘Housewives & Cucumbers’, I began to arouse myself; inserting my member into the device. I could instantly see why it was a training device – it was so tight at first. However, after a minute or so my penis felt accustomed to the mould of the Fleshlight; and actually wanted to make me orgasm rather quickly…but what’s the fun in that! As I intently watched the Housewife nibble on the cucumber that had been inside of her, I slowed myself down to see how long I could last. After ten or so minutes I finally came – however be aware that it’s hard to keep going after climaxing – it’s just too sensitive in the mould. However, it was simply glorious.

All in all, this fabulous product gives men that incentive that to practice to perfection. If you’re looking for something to help prolong things in the bedroom, why not give this a try. You might last as half as long as me one day if you’re lucky…we can’t all be blessed though!

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