Fleshlight Girls Stoya Lotus Vagina Review

What can I say, I like to keep in shape. I just got back home to discover that my wife is in the shower…however she is taking her sweet time (I think she might be ‘reviewing’ out some of Strawberry Blushes products as I type this!) so I thought I would quickly bang a review out; and then bang one out over Jennifer’s juicy breasts later.

So, I don’t know if you lads know much about porn – or porn stars to that matter – but Stoya is the crème de la crème of the adult entertainment scene. I could only imagine her vagina tastes like strawberries & cream mixed in with candy floss & angel delight! Let’s be honest, the closest you were ever going to get to her before was from the confines of your laptop screen; but now you can take it one step further with the Fleshlight Girls Stoya Lotus Vagina….sounds promising doesn’t it?Fleshlight Girls Stoya Lotus Vagina

If you don’t know what a Fleshlight is, someone needs to give you a slap – or a punishment finger up your bum. I’ll break it down for you – a Fleshlight is the next best thing to a vagina in the masturbation scene (it basically is a tube of realistic vagina), and it should be your new best friend for lonely nights/mornings/afternoons/evenings. Male masturbators are definitely the way forward, and back, and forward, and back….

The Stoya Fleshlight is a real crowd pleaser. What is always best to do with any Fleshlight is to let the insert bathe for five minutes or so in warm water, remove and drain of any water and then insert back into place. Before slamming your manhood inside this tempting toy make sure you use some (or plenty) of water based lube, and then best be on your way.

Now let me make myself clear. I have been a firm follower of Fleshlight over the years, so to compare this brand new model to the original would be like comparing a PS3 to an old Atari. The original Fleshlight, much like the Atari, gives me nostalgic pleasure; but I definitely know in my heart of hearts the Stoya model is so much more. Not only is the material superior but the actual design of it makes your penis feel right at home inside of it. It’s scarily close to the real thing; and I mean that sincerely.

Chaps, think wisely. This could be the best investment you have ever made. If only they did a version for Holly Willoughby…now then I think I would be in Heaven…

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