TENGA Egg Male Masturbators

TENGA Egg Male Masturbators

As a very randy gentleman, I know as you surely do that few surprises in life rival some early morning deep-throat or a bit of anal-play on a secluded beach in the exquisite South of France. The wife would say the same, I should think.

Leaving her abilities out of it for a moment, it’s time to talk about a different kind of surprise she gave me the other day. Now, much of the time I can say I have an inkling about some head, or a bit of prostate play which she might be keen on, but this time, well… I can safely say that I did not see it coming!

See, this magic time, she had acquired some TENGA Egg Male Masturbators and she was hell-bent on pleasing me in ways untold, and this is how…

It all started when her indoors, my belle of many years, told me she was going to give me the hand-job to end all hand-jobs. Wonderful news! I thought, sprawled out in my satin red smoking gown with my penis as hard as granite. Now this is going to be marvellous!

I never thought i’d be saying this about a sex toy but… She cracked open an ‘egg’ and I’m not going to lie, i was extremely curious as to what I was about to encounter upon. Soon, however, I am embracing what a simple egg can really do.

Firstly, it’s always such a bonus when sex toys come with lubricant because it saves you rooting around looking for the last place you chucked that trusty tube. TENGA Eggs come with water-based lubricant in every pack. Bonus! She peeled open the TENGA Twister Egg and placed it on my shaft. Then she pulled the stretchy thing down and I began to feel swirling sensations. She then swapped it for the TENGA Wavy Egg which left me trembling.

Next, I found myself completely at her sexual disposal as she took more textures to my ‘manhood’ and tickled my shaft with out-of-this-world sensations that I had never before experienced!

By the time my beauty had finished with me, it’s fair to say that the bed was a mess with my rich pouring of cum. Her hands were equally as slick with penis butter!

Not your average every day sex toy, TENGA sell these delectable eggs separately and one size fits all! You can put all your eggs in to one basket and purchase half a dozen too, the TENGA Egg 6 Pack. There’s also a special Warmer Toy which can make any of their sex toys into a lovely, warm surprise and create a different sensation altogether. Now there’s something to think about on a cold winter’s day!

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