Where do you hide your sex toys?

Where do you hide your sex toys?

So, your boiler breaks and what’s the first thing you do? Ring the plumber to come and fix it, right? WRONG! Get that vibrator out of the airing cupboard and put it in your deep away in the hidden depths of your bedroom!! Just imagine the shock that poor plumber would have if he opened the airing cupboard door and there was a shiny great vibrator sat there staring him in the face. Not to mention the agonising embarrassment you’d be feeling when he asks you what it is!

In October, we asked you guys where you hide your sex toys and here’s what you said…

40% – In your underwear drawer

So it seems that most of you hide your sex toys in your underwear drawer. Easy access yet a forbidden area to anybody other than you and your partner. Perfect!

22% – Under the bed

A whole 22% of you hide your sex toys under the bed. Great idea if you have a divan with drawers but maybe a bit exposed otherwise.

3% – In your handbag

It’s rude to look in people’s handbags…and it’s especially rude if there’s a vibrator in there!

20% – In your wardrobe

Safe option, we think! Generally a high piece of furniture maybe with a deep shelf perfect for shoving a dildo right to the back and sliding that old box of birthday cards in front to hide from view.

3% – Don’t hide them

Some of you don’t even hide them, I can imagine that that must be extremely liberating and hats off to you for embracing your wild side.

12% – Somewhere else

We’d love to know where 3% of you hide your sex toys. If your hiding them from somebody you live with then you’re going to need an exceptional hiding place!


As always, thank you for voting and look out for November’s poll.

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