LELO Tiani 2 – Best couples toy ever?

LELO Tiani 2 – Best couples toy ever?

The LELO brand is famed for it’s luxurious touch and amazing quality, and with the new Tiani 2, not an ounce of its visage is sacrificed. Keeping everything at the height of class, we asked ourselves “Can LELO really improve anymore?”

And the answer is YES! The innovative and exciting LELO Tiani 2 offers a superb experience particularly for couples. Improved from what we thought was unimprovable, this sensational couples sex toy really is a step above the rest. The first thing that jump out at me, and still impresses me as much as every LELO Toy is the über stylish packaging. The box has the new 10 years anniversary design, which is sleeker and even more beautiful than previous LELO packaging.

Next thing to note is the discreet storage box. It doesn’t lose any of it’s elegance by being plain yet withholds the mystery of what could be inside. Slide this box out of the design edition sleeve and discover a smooth and subtle solid box, with LELO embossed in silver on the top. Lifting the lid from this though, is just beginning on a new adventure of sexual pleasure…

LELO Tiani 2 Packaging

As amazing as it looks, the presentation box still only shows off some of the Tiani 2′s glory with the single curved body unit on display, the silicone smooth remote and the signature LELO broach in the top. Underneath the LELO roll over is just where you will find the rest of this beautiful sex toy. There’s a charger, additional body curve stem, satin storage pouch and warranty, as well as a battery cover clip and a brilliant tester sachet of the fantastic LELO Personal Moisturiser.

LELO Tiani 2 Contents

Sense Touch Technology, as well as the increased remote control distance, makes the Tiani 2 ideal for all sorts of sexual play. The remote has many different features, which are controlled using the 3 buttons on the surface. These can appear to be quite complex, especially when it comes to exploring the 2 sense touch technology modes, but like everything else in this world a bit of practice makes perfect. The first and most straight forward mode on this fantastic sex toy is the speed control mode. The constant vibrations are controlled by using the + and – buttons on the remote, to increase and decrease speed of vibration as and when you want. This offers 6 speeds. The first a very subtle vibration that is just noticeable, but enough to warm you up, with each mode gradually increasing in speed to build up the faster and powerful vibrations of speed 6.

After exploring the straight forward constant vibration speeds you can then move through the pattern modes, using the central button, giving you a range of vibrations in a selection of different speeds. The 6 preset patterns allow you to explore slow and fast changes, whilst also giving you some control over the intensity of the toy in each of these modes. The sense motion technology allows you or your lover to control the vibration by either tilting, or shaking the remote. This easy to use remote also vibrates in the same manor as the curved vibrator, meaning you really do get a sense of the power and vibration speed that you are supplying and controlling.

If you thought there couldn’t possibly be anymore functionality, think again! Because this has the ultimate feature for any of you with little ones running around (Yes, LELO really do think of everything!). The instant lock function allows you to switch this brilliant toy off in an instant, preventing anyone being any the wiser of what’s going on underneath the sheets. Activate in a second by pressing both the + & – buttons simultaneously, and the Tiani 2, or any other LELO toy will switch off there and then.

Overall, we at Strawberry Blushes would rate this versatile sex toy a sensational 10 out of 10. Fully rechargeable, waterproof, powerful, discreet and everything else you could ever wish for, all in the palm of your hand.

So, is this the best couples toy ever? There’s no doubt, this is one of the best couples sex toys we’ve ever set eyes on. There are a few on the market, some certainly better than others, but this is definitely way up there with the best.

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