Jessica Rabbit Original Review

Jessica Rabbit Original Review

The lovely team over at Strawberry Blushes always know how to tickle my fancy, and so this specific toy that they sent me; they just knew it was going to give me hours of pleasure…

Jessica Rabbit Original VibratorIf you are a woman and you have not heard of – or to that matter even experienced – a Jessica Rabbit before…Goodness gracious, you are missing out. This sex toy rabbit isn’t the cutest of creatures, but if you get over that you are in for a mind blowing experience.

The Jessica Rabbit can look intimidating at first, with turning shafts and all kinds of whirring balls and pearls buzzing around the toy. The balls will travel around the device up into the ‘bunny ears’ which will stimulate your clitoris to no end; whilst at the same time giving your vagina a solid pounding. Sounds good right? Teehee! Well, there is a reason why this sex toy is dubbed as the most popular vibrator in the world!

The thing to remember with the rabbit is that the main shaft and the ears can work completely independent of each other. So, if you want purely clitoris stimulation to start a session with – you don’t have to reach for another toy (or use your hands); the rabbit accommodates your needs. By the time you want you G spot to be hit – just reach for the ‘on’ button for the main shaft and hey presto you’re in stimulation heaven!

Now with the Jessica Rabbit original by Loving Joy, I had a small issue with it. Personally, I would have liked more degrees of vibrations concerning the ears instead of just ‘hi/low’. With me, sexually, I like to be taken through a journey – and I found the ‘low’ function too overpowering for just getting started; I love my clit to be just tickled ever so gently at the beginning as if Hugh was running his tongue softly over me….

However, one technique I found around this; use your fingers like a buffer between the toy and your clit and it works in an interesting way – regulating the vibrations.  The Jessica Rabbit is waterproof, so when you’re having a glass of red in the bath at the end of a long day in the office and….perhaps….you can’t stop thinking about the new twenty year old intern filling your coffee up; you can always reach for miss rabbit to help you out

All in all, as far as solo play goes – Jessica rabbit will end up being your favourite furry friend to help you out. Every girl should have one, so girls, listen to your inner minx and give it a go!

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