Sex Toy Tips

Bullet Vibrator Advice

Todays advice is all orientated around bullet vibrators – so if you’re intrigued what bullet vibrators are, then I think you should read on. Bullet vibrators are small, discreet, easy to clean – and can be stowed away without anyone knowing. Sometimes as a woman, you never know when urges may hit – so you can always pop a bullet vibrator into your purse without anyone being the wiser. Rocks Off have a huge variety of bullet vibrators and some can easily be passed [...]

Where do you hide your sex toys?

So, your boiler breaks and what’s the first thing you do? Ring the plumber to come and fix it, right? WRONG! Get that vibrator out of the airing cupboard and put it in your deep away in the hidden depths of your bedroom!! Just imagine the shock that poor plumber would have if he opened the airing cupboard door and there was a shiny great vibrator sat there staring him in the face. Not to mention the agonising embarrassment you’d [...]

Clone a Willy

How Clone-A-Willy Kit Actually Works

Ciao! Welcome to a most scientific, most wondrous, most splendiferous – most bellissimo lecture on the technology of sexual toys! Grazie for reading, especially you girls with beautiful eyes and big… Aiaiai – I need an aqua minerale to cool me down. I travelled recently from Italy, the country of love and passion, and now live in London. As you English say ‘Bear with me’. So, today’s lecture is on the Clone-A-Willy and how it works. The Clone-A-Willy basically is [...]